Magic powered by OpenAI and Vercel. Find me on Twitter and Github.

Magic by Jason

Magic is a showcase of the AI tools I've been playing with. I've made the source code available on Github under jxnl/magic-text

I'm using this project as an opportunity to learn and grow as a machine learning engineer, by building in public. I'm diving into React/NextJS while tackling some low hanging fruit, and I have big plans for what's to come. My goal with Magic is to inspire others to explore the possibilities of the OpenAI API and to show that with a little creativity, the sky's the limit.

Magic Text:

Simply highlight any text in the text area, and you'll be able to see the brush options in real time. No need to wait for any loading spinners, as Magic will immediately begin rewriting your selection to your specifications.

Magic Youtube:

Input a youtube video url and get a summary in markdown format. If it does not have a transcript, it will use whisper but it may be less accurate than the transcript and will take longer to generate.

Magic SQL:

Use the default schema or add your own and ask questions in plain english and let Magic SQL do its best to explain the answer. You can also Magic to add tables or columns and the schema will automatically update.

Magic Div:

Magic Div is a simple tool to help you create HTML divs. You can use natrual language to describe the content and Magic will do its best to create the layout you're looking for using tailwindcss.

Magic Survey:

Magic survey takes a json schema and defines conversational agent that helps users and complete survey and sets the data into a object in the browser.